Russia is crying. 10 days after the war, it has the worst balance sheet since World War II

University Professor Dr. Rod Corp – an expert in international relations and security studies, professor of the Faculty of Political Science and director of the School of Doctoral Science in Political Science – was invited to the studio. Pro TV news.

Talked about Situation in UkraineThere, in the last two days, Russia’s attacks seem to have subsided.

According to Professor Corp., when the Russians began the invasion – they did not expect such strong opposition. Ukraine.

And not only are the Ukrainians fighting hard, they have done a lot of damage to the Russian military so far.

After 10 days War in UkraineThe Russians lost About 10,000 soldiersA great figure for Russia – it has never faced such a thing in the wars in Afghanistan or Syria.

In fact, attacks have decreased because the strategic plan has been poorly thought out. A country cannot be attacked from all directions. Perhaps one would have thought that there would be numerical superiority and the fact that the Ukrainians would give up immediately. But from what we see, the opposition is fierce. The attack could not proceed at the same pace as planned, because the supply lines are so long that Russia’s military equipment is small in number – of course, they are very large, but they are small in number for the purposes of this invasion. . – Because, as we have seen, the morale of the players is not very high because about 10,000 people have lost their lives.

This was the worst Russian military presence since World War II. In Afghanistan, Chechnya and Syria, more than 10,000 soldiers were killed in the war.. “- Dr. Rod Corp explained Pro TV news.

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War in Ukraine. Who can persuade Putin to give up?

Currently, Western and European governments are struggling to find someone with the power to persuade President Vladimir Putin to stop the invasion and unwanted casualties in Ukraine.

But … it’s not easy.

The Israeli prime minister even tried his luck with Putin, who on a day considered sacred in Israel had a surprising intervention – unfortunately … not successful.

Cosmin Stan: Professor, so far, I have seen French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholes personally try to persuade Putin to abandon this invasion. They failed. Now, the Israeli Prime Minister gave a surprise speech yesterday, a surprise visit to Moscow, we have not learned much about it yet. What do you think happened there?

Professor Rod Corp: In fact, European leaders tried desperately to stop the plan, but the army’s front orders turned out to be January 18. Therefore, the decision to occupy Ukraine was already made when the Kremlin leader met with European leaders regarding the invasion of Ukraine, because at the time it was not known, but in fact it was well known in Moscow.

Prime Minister Bennett has come to Moscow because he was nominated by President Zhelensky. He accepted the role. Initially, the Russian side said nothing against it, but it seems that there is no end to the debate with President Putin, and I point out one fact: Prime Minister Bennett had a completely unusual gesture because Saturday is celebrated by the Jews. “Sabbath”. But there is a rule that the Sabbath may be interrupted while saving lives. And Bennett made it very clear to the people of Israel that he was violating this religious rule, which is very obedient to all people because he is trying to save human lives. Yet, even in this context, he failed in any way. Negotiations are not possible at this time. For negotiations to take place, there must be a neutral arbitrator. Or so far this mediator has not been found. The Ukrainians came up with proposals. The Russian side came up with an unacceptable plan, namely President Lukashenko – which is unacceptable because he is a party to the conflict. So the blockage has occurred.

My personal opinion is that negotiations will not be initiated by the Russian side until strategic objectives are achieved on the ground, which we find to be almost impossible.”.

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