Russian-coordinated hacking network busted by FBI, Germany, Ukraine and Europol He attacked hundreds of companies

A huge hacker network was taken down. It was a team effort involving officials from Germany, Ukraine, FBI agents and Europol.

The network has attacked at least 600 companies worldwide in recent years and caused millions of euros in damage. Investigating officials have said that the main culprits are from Russia.

As a result of simultaneous clashes in Germany and Ukraine, several suspects were detained at the end of February. A man and a woman with Russian citizenship are being prosecuted. So is a person born in Russia. The hacker group has been operating under various names since at least 2010.

Dirk Kunze, head of the cybercrimes department of the German police: “The malware virus used (in the cyberattacks) was attributed to a group that operated under the names ‘DoubleSpider’, ‘DoubleBammer’ or later ‘Grief.’ Name changed several times”.

The hackers demanded large sums of money for the affected companies to regain access to information blocked by the virus. According to investigators, he received more than $40 million from the United States alone, within two years.

Dirk Kunze: “Currently, we only know about 601 victims of this group. But this also means that the field in which these criminals operated is very large. As a result, there must be many more victims that we still know nothing about. In Germany, 37 victims of this group were identified.

The network is suspected of being behind a 2017 computer attack on the British health system. And in 2020 the Düsseldorf University Hospital will be another victim.

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