Russian media have published pictures of two Americans captured in Ukraine

Russian media on Friday released photos of two men reportedly being held captive while fighting with Russian forces in Ukraine. The two have not been seen in Ukraine for nearly a week.

According to Reuters, the Izvestia newspaper aired a video recording of 27-year-old Andy Huin from Hartcell, Alabama.

RT aired a picture of a 39-year-old man identified as Alexander Drook from Tuscaloosa in the same US state.

In another six-second video distributed on the Telegram, you can see a bearded man saying in an American accent, “My name is Alexander Drook, I’m anti-war.”

Izvestia’s presentation as Hyun makes a similar statement – “I am against war” – but in Russian, in a two-second video.

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Relatives of the two said on Wednesday that they had been missing in Ukraine for a week and feared they might be taken prisoner.

Russia’s Defense Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to The Washington Post, Alexander Trook, 39, and Andy Dai Huin, 27, of Alabama, went on a dangerous mission to the eastern part of Ukraine on June 8, after which nothing was known. Truck is a veteran of the United States Army, and Hoen has joined the U.S. Navy.

Search operations on the ground and with the help of drones gave no indication of the condition of the two soldiers.

Truke’s mother told the American daily that she had received a phone call from another American volunteer in Ukraine, and that communications had interrupted reports that Russian forces had abducted two American prisoners. This view has not been officially confirmed.

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