Russian MFA spokeswoman for the film by Zhelensky and Macron: “I now understand why Putin has been eating so long.”

Maria Zharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry and one of the Kremlin’s most outspoken spokespersons, mocked the photo of the two leaders embracing Zhelensky and Macron.

Following a photo of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky and French President Emmanuel Macron, Maria Zharova wrote on her Facebook page, “I now understand why Putin eats so long.

The two heads of state embrace, and that situation determined her Russian MFA Spokesman Considering Russia’s homosexual position, to suggest sexual meanings that make Putin disgusting.

Comment Refers to President Vladimir Putin’s habit of greeting guests with a particular hostility to a very long meal.

Putin’s long – distance pictures are going viral

Thus, with images Putin and Macron German Chancellor Olaf Scholes also went viral, and they went viral from the end of a 6-meter-long desk, benefiting from the same treatment.

Continuing, Maria Jaharova Which allowed him to add more and more obscene comments to his post, intervening from time to time to maintain the atmosphere.

A spokesman for the Russian MFA is known for its outrageous outbursts, and a representative of what is said to be Kremlin’s diplomacy.

On another occasion, Zakarova said that one of the reasons for Russia’s occupation of Ukraine was that Ukrainian housewives refused to share their Porsche recipe.

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