Russian troops flee from Zaporozhye. Military analyst of Ukrainian counteroffensive: “A big battle is taking place in Orkhiv”

Over the past two days, the Ukrainians have made important advances in several sectors in the east and south of the country and penetrated the first line of Russian defense. At least that’s what the British Ministry of Defense says.

Some of the Russian forces retreated several times, disrupted by their own landmines. So many losses for the Russians. On the other hand, UN officials report that 700,000 Ukrainians are in need of drinking water due to flooding caused by the destruction of a dam on the Dnieper.

Victoria, a local resident of Olesky: “Many people died in Olesky. Bodies of mothers, newborns, grandparents are floating in the water. I don’t even want to talk about it.” Reporter: “Did you really see dead bodies?” Victoria: “Yes, I’m floating face down in the water.” . It was horrible to see something like this, especially because I knew these people.”

The shocking testimony belongs to a Ukrainian woman from Olesky, a Russian-occupied periphery. She and her family managed to escape the flooded city.

Reporter: “How did you save yourself?” Victoria: “At our peril. We jumped on a boat with our parents and went here to the port of Herson. Reporter: “Is that your boat?” Victoria: “Yes.”

In Kherson, a city recaptured from the Russians last fall, victims on the right bank of the Dnieper were welcomed with open arms.

Reports say the Russians have confiscated people’s boats and opened fire on volunteers trying to help the sick and elderly escape from the storm’s path.

In other news, analysts at the Institute for War Studies say Ukrainian forces are continuing counterattacks in several areas of the front. According to them, Ukrainian forces have made new gains around the city of Bahmut and in western Donetsk, although Putin says otherwise.

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Vladimir Putin: “Ukrainian forces did not achieve their goals in any sector of the front.”

However, images are circulating showing Russian troops abandoning their positions in Zaporizhia when attacked by Kiev forces.

Michael Clarke, military analyst: “We know that the offensive is taking place in three areas now: one is around the town of Bahmut, north and south of Bahmut, where the Ukrainians are operating strongly. The other two areas are located in the south of the country and are of more strategic importance. One is Velika near Vuhledar. Novosilka, but more interesting is in Orihiv further west. There’s a big battle going on there.”

On last night’s news, Volodymyr Zelensky confirms that the expected Ukrainian counteroffensive is underway.

Volodymyr Zelensky: “Our actions are focused on all the necessary areas. Defensive and active actions. We discussed in detail the supply and distribution of ammunition, strengthening our artillery and air defense.

The Ukrainian leader thanked the Americans for a new package of military aid worth more than $2 billion, which includes missiles for the Patriotic Organizations and other air defense systems.

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