SEC Football Schedule Released – Every Match for Every Team in 2023

The 2022 college football season isn’t even a month old, but it’s never too early to look forward to next year.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) revealed its full 2023 schedule for all 14 teams Tuesday night, from pre-season no-conference bouts to crossover fights to contention bouts this Thanksgiving week. Highlights include Alabama hosting Texas in week 2, Florida traveling to Utah in week one, LSU and Florida for season openers in Orlando and Texas A&M traveling to Miami.

Below are the full schedules for each SEC team. Make sure to schedule fall weddings very carefully.

September 2: Central Tennessee
September 9: Texas
September 16: In South Florida
September 23: Ole Miss
September 30: In Mississippi
October 7: At Texas A&M
October 14: Arkansas
October 21: Tennessee
November 4th: LSU
November 11: In Kentucky
November 18: Chattanooga
November 25: in Auburn

September 2: West Carolina
September 9: Kent State
September 16: BYU
September 23: At LSU
September 30: vs Texas A&M (Arlington, Texas)
October 7: At Ole Miss
October 14: In Alabama
October 21: Mississippi
November 4th: in Florida
November 11: Auburn
November 18: Florida International
November 25: Missouri

September 2nd: UMass
September 9: In Cal
September 16: Samford
September 23: At Texas A&M
September 30: Georgia
October 14: at LSU
October 21: Ole Miss
October 28: Mississippi
November 4th: In Vanderbilt
November 11: In Arkansas
November 18: New Mexico
November 25: Alabama

September 2: In Utah
September 9: McNeese State
September 16: Tennessee
September 23: Charlotte
September 30: Kentucky
October 7: Vanderbilt
October 14: in South Carolina
October 28: vs Georgia (Jacksonville, FL)
November 4th: Arkansas
November 11: at LSU
November 18: In Missouri
November 25: Florida State

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September 2: Utah Martin
September 9: Ball State
September 16: South Carolina
September 23: UAB
September 30th: in Auburn
October 7: Kentucky
October 14: In Vanderbilt
October 28: Florida (Jacksonville, FL)
November 4th: Missouri
November 11: Ole Miss
November 18: In Tennessee
November 25: at Georgia Tech

September 2nd: Ball State
September 9: Eastern Kentucky
September 16: Akron
September 23: In Vanderbilt
September 30: Florida
October 7: In Georgia
October 14: Missouri
October 28: Tennessee
November 4: In Mississippi
November 11: Alabama
November 18: In South Carolina
November 25: In Louisville

September 2: vs Florida State (Orlando, FL)
September 9: Georgia
September 16: In Mississippi
September 23: Arkansas
September 30: At Ole Miss
October 7: In Missouri
October 14: Auburn
October 21: Army
November 4th: In Alabama
November 11: Florida
November 18: Georgia State
November 25: Texas A&M

September 2: Southeast Louisiana
September 9: Arizona
September 16: LSU
September 23: In South Carolina
September 30: Alabama
October 7: Western Michigan
October 21: in Arkansas
October 28: in Auburn
November 4th: Kentucky
November 11: At Texas A&M
November 18: Miss South
November 23: Ole Miss

September 2: South Dakota
September 9: Central Tennessee
September 16: Kansas State
September 23: TBD
September 30th: In Vanderbilt
October 7: LSU
October 14: In Kentucky
October 21: South Carolina
November 4th: in Georgia
November 11: Tennessee
November 18: Florida
November 25: In Arkansas

September 2nd: Mercer
September 9: In Tulane
September 16: Georgia Tech
September 23: In Alabama
September 30: LSU
October 7: Arkansas
October 21: in Auburn
October 28: Vanderbilt
November 4: Texas A&M
November 11: In Georgia
November 18: ULM
November 23: In Mississippi

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September 2: v North Carolina (Charlotte, NC)
September 9: Foreman
September 16: In Georgia
September 23: Mississippi
September 30th: in Tennessee
October 14: Florida
October 21: In Missouri
October 28: At Texas A&M
November 4th: Jacksonville State
November 11: Vanderbilt
November 18: Kentucky
November 25: Clemson

September 2: vs. Virginia (Nashville, Tenn.)
September 9: Austin Bee
September 16: in Florida
September 23: UTSA
September 30: South Carolina
October 14: Texas A&M
October 21: in Alabama
October 28: In Kentucky
November 4th: Ukon
November 11: In Missouri
November 18: Georgia
November 25: Vanderbilt

September 2nd: New Mexico
September 9: in Miami
September 16: ULM
September 23: Auburn
September 30: vs. Arkansas (Arlington, Texas)
October 7: Alabama
October 14: In Tennessee
October 28: South Carolina
November 4th: At Ole Miss
November 11: Mississippi
November 18: Abilene Christian
November 25: at LSU

August 26: Hawaii
September 2: Alabama A&M
September 9: In Wake Forest
September 16: At UNLV
September 23: Kentucky
September 30: Missouri
October 7: In Florida
October 14: Georgia
October 28: At Ole Miss
November 4th: Auburn
November 11: In South Carolina
November 25: Tennessee

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