Secrets of the Kremlin’s Most Aggressive Propagandist. He has two American children with a mistress

Vladimir Solovyov, the Kremlin’s most aggressive propagandist, known for his calls for the destruction of America, has a hidden family and a lot of secrets. In total, he has eight children from multiple marriages.

His mistress has two children born in America. Former basketball player Svetlana Olekovna Abrosimova is the mistress of radio and television producer Vladimir Solovyov.

An investigation by the anti-corruption foundation founded by Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny showed that Solovyov was married and had eight children from different marriages.

Independent Russian publication The Insider reports that the investigative team concluded that he had an extramarital affair with Aprosimova after examining trips they took together, their joint doctor’s visits and the fact that they used the same driver.

In 2017, Svetlana Aprosimova gave birth to two girls, Maria and Margarita, in the United States. They have the surname Vladimirovna, which means their father is called Vladimir.

Both children born in the US were automatically granted US citizenship. The investigation team found that Abrasimova also held a US passport.

“We talked to several people in Solovyov’s entourage, and they all confirmed to us that he has a secret family with two children and that he often appears at the super-elite house in Sochi. Few pictures of Solovyov and Aprosimova are public, but even today he comments on her basketball matches, calls her on social media Shares his posts on networks,” says Navalny’s team.


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