Serbs betray Russian friends. How Ukraine Gets Ammunition Sold to the West A

According to the British newspaper, since 2022, Belgrade has exported about 800 million euros worth of bombs to Ukraine’s Western allies, which eventually reached Ukrainian soldiers.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić indicated that the amount was generally accurate, but presented the situation as a business opportunity, insisting that he would not take sides in this war.

“This is part of our economic revival, which is important for us. Yes, we export our ammunition,” Vučić said in an interview.

“We cannot export to Ukraine or Russia … but we had many contracts with the Americans, the Spanish, the Czechs and others. Ultimately what they do is their business,” Vucic added.

“Even if I know (where the ammunition ends up), it’s not my job. My job is to make sure we handle our ammunition legally, we sell it… I have to take care of my people, that’s all. That’s all I can say. We have friends in Kiev and Moscow. These are our Slavic brothers,” the Serbian president said.

Serbia is not a member of NATO or the European Union, and its people have long had an emotional attachment to Russia, while harboring resentment against the West after NATO’s 1999 bombing campaign against their country.

Belgrade is counting on Moscow to block international recognition of Kosovo, a former Serbian province recognized by most Western countries but opposed by Russia and China at the UN.

In the context of the war in Ukraine, Belgrade has refused to impose economic sanctions on Moscow, although European leaders have said that if it wants to become a member of the EU, Serbia must join the Community’s activities and allow Russian flights. Continue.

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After Serbia, Hungary also maintained good relations with Moscow and continued to oppose economic sanctions against Russia.

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