Shakira said “dead fly” and now the wheel has turned! What nickname did the “stealer” give him?

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26.04.2023, 16:53

Shakira (46 years old) She was nicknamed “Dead Fly”. On that day Clara Chia Tuesday (age 24), young woman for whom Gerard Pique (36 years old) He broke up with her after 12 years of relationship And the two boys together.

Almost a year after the ex-footballer was discovered cheating on the famous singer with a young woman who was a simple employee of his company, the two continue to hate each other.

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Clara Sia Marty has three nicknames given to Shakira

Compatible newsMarty often laughs at Shakira with his friends, and Piquin’s new girlfriend gives him three nicknames in return.

Marty calls the Colombian “baba”, “witch” or “menstruation”, and all three seem to have to do with the fact that Shakira is 22 years older than him.

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Clara Sia Marti tries to hide from the paparazzi, but she hits a billboard

At the beginning of the year, Marty and Big walked the streets of Barcelona, ​​but the paparazzi insisted on filming them, which is why the new success of the former football player was embarrassing.

Marty tried to cover her face, but she wasn’t paying attention and ran her head into a billboard, and Big was amused by the incident.

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Gerard Pique
A nickname
Clara Chia Marty

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