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trance star Sydney Sweeney She drew an online backlash to a series of photos and videos from her mother’s 60th birthday party, which the actress posted on her Instagram account on Saturday.

Among the pictures of talent nominated for an Emmy award Published is a picture It shows an unidentified man in a blue science shirt, a symbol of the pro-police counter movement created in response to Black Lives Matter.

The photos, taken at Sweeney’s mom’s birthday party, captioned, “There’s no better way to celebrate my mom than with a surprise party.” The actress also shared photos of the event on her Instagram story featuring line dancing and a rodeo-themed cake.

After posting photos and videos early Saturday, social media users began speculating about Sweeney’s and her family’s politics and Sweeney’s stance on life blue in light of the unnamed person in the shirt.

“Guys this is wild. An innocent celebration of my mother’s 60th birthday turned into a ridiculous political statement, which wasn’t the intent,” she tweeted in response to criticism of her photos, which made her name top spot on Twitter on Saturday. “Please stop making assumptions.”

In addition to the blue T-shirt, additional criticism emerged after social media users found that photos posed by a Sweeney family member from the event featured people wearing “Make 60 Great Again” hats – a reference to Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan. .”

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in August 2 interview with Los Angeles TimesSweeney spoke about the impact her family has had on her career while discussing a clip of her Emmy nomination news sharing with her mother.

“I would not have been able to fulfill my dreams without her support for this decision,” she said. “I was 12 and 13 and my mom and dad gave up everything they knew so I could make my dreams come true. We lost friends, we lost our home, we lost everything in pursuit of it.”

At the height of the racial justice and Black Lives Matter protests during the summer of 2020, Sweeney shared her support for the movement as did a number of Hollywood personalities via her social media. “[W]Its need to do a better job. Hatred must end in this world. #Black Lives Matter movement.” I tweeted.

Black Lives Matter is a decentralized political and social movement started in 2013 after the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, a black teenager, that addresses systemic racism and police brutality against blacks. The Blue Lives Matter movement was formed in response to the BLM’s call for officers and other emergency personnel to be a protected class, with individuals potentially prosecuted for hate crimes in cases convicted of murder by law enforcement.

The The New York Civil Liberties Union condemned Blue Lives Matter bills have been proposed by conservative politicians across the country, calling them a “highly inappropriate attempt to equate a voluntarily chosen career path with the established traits that lead to protection under our civil rights laws.” The Civil Liberties Organization also said it “undermines efforts to improve relations between the police and the community while doing nothing to improve the safety of officers.”

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