Spotify overhauls the design of its desktop app

Spotify has officially announced a redesign of its desktop app that aims to provide easier access to details about the song or podcast you’re currently listening to, and give you new ways to organize your playlists and other content. according to Blog post published yesterday The changes — which Spotify calls “one of the biggest innovations yet” — will roll out to “all desktop users around the world” starting this week.

The biggest change you’ll likely notice after the update is the Your Library sidebar on the left of the screen. Instead of displaying a simple text list of playlists, the interface now includes colored icons. It also displays recently played artists and albums for quick reference, along with playlists. You can minimize the sidebar to see just these icons, or expand it to see each entry’s name and even additional details like when it was last launched. Or, if you just want to see the text without the icons, head to Spotify’s settings and select the “Use built-in library layout” option.

Spotify’s old interface as it appeared to me last month (left/top), versus the company’s screenshot of its new interface (right/bottom).

You can filter the Your Library sidebar to display only artists, albums, or playlists using the icons at the top, and there’s a search box for searching your own library specifically, rather than having to search the entire Spotify using the main search tool. Users have been reported Seeing a similar interface pop up for a few weeks now, it looks like Spotify has announced a Feature rolls out early in April.

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Meanwhile, to the right of the screen, Spotify is adding a Now Playing view that shows the currently playing song or podcast along with additional information. This may include tour dates or merchandise for music artists, scripts or descriptions of podcast episodes. The right side of the interface is where I used to show Spotify what your friends are listening to, but this is now hidden behind the Friends icon in the top right of the screen.

The official launch of the new interface comes as Spotify prepares for a more substantial update to its service. this week, bloomberg mentioned That the audio streaming service is getting ready to launch a new, more premium category that could finally add support for the long-awaited HiFi streaming feature.

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