Strange sea creature caught in Taiwan! A detail that shocked the experts – the event of the day

A group of fishermen in Taiwan have reportedly caught a giant shark, one of the rarest and most exotic species living in deep waters. 9News.

The goblin shark had 6 pups

An 800kg goblin shark was caught off the coast of Yilan, north-east of Taiwan. It is the largest goblin shark ever caught in Taiwan waters. But the sample capture held another surprise. A female shark was pregnant with 6 pups.

Goblin Shark

The model is on display at the Taiwan Maritime Art Museum. “The shark was almost bought by a restaurant,” museum staff announced in a Facebook post. “After fighting for it, the Taiwan Museum of Oceanic Art purchased it as a future marine education resource,” the post further announced.

Prehistoric species rarely seen by humans

According to museum experts, it is a “prehistoric” species that is rarely seen by humans. “Only two goblin sharks have been caught in Mexico recently,” the museum said in a statement.

This species has translucent skin, pink body and sharp fangs. The strange-looking creature usually sits on the bottom of the ocean, at a depth of 1,200 meters. Goblin sharks pose no threat to human life. Its name comes from the shape of the head resembling a goddess.

“In Australia, it is known from New South Wales, Tasmania and as far south as South Australia,” added the Australian Museum Committee, noting that the rare species is famous for its bizarre habits. “During feeding, the goblin shark extends its jaws faster than other shark species,” the marine researchers explain.

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