‘Supernatural’ star Nikki Aycox has died at the age of 47

“Supernatural” star Nicki Aycox, who played Meg Masters on the CW series, He died on November 16thannounced her sister-in-law. She was 47 years old.

Susan Raab-Ceklowsky wrote: “My beautiful, intelligent, fierce, incredibly talented, and loving sister-in-law, Nikki Aycox-Rab, passed away with my brother Matt Rapp at her side.” in Facebook Last Thursday next to a series of photos.

Nikki and Matt lived a wonderful life together in California. She was definitely a fighter and everyone who knew her loved her . “

Nikki Equix
Supernatural star Nikki Aycox has passed away at the age of 47.
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While no official cause of death has been publicly released, Nikki announced in March 2021 that she had been diagnosed with leukemia.

“Welcome! I wrote sorry 4 time away” on instagram. “Can’t believe my last 3 months. But, it makes sense now. I got really sick thinking I had the virus in January and February. Well things came to a head. I ended up in a hospital diagnosed with [leukemia].

She continued, “I want everyone to know I’m doing very well and fighting my way through chemo.” “I will update a better image of myself, and talk about staying positive in the worst of times. Take care of yourself all! I will come back better, stronger, and wiser!”

Nikki revealed that she was cancer-free weeks later, but the disease eventually returned.

Her latest Instagram update was posted in March this year.

Nikki Aycox V "supernatural."
Aycox played Meg Masters on the CW series.
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“#alwayskeepfighting STOP! Don’t try to sing ’80s music after high doses of chemo will cause amnesia” She captioned a video of her. “You literally didn’t get one word right #cancersucks #chemosucks #aml #cityofhope #highdosechemo #luekemia #chemosideeffects #chemofunny #chemowarrior #cancerwarrior.”

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After word broke of Aycox’s death, “Supernatural” creator Eric Kripke mourned her on Twitter.

“Destroyed to hear the great #NickiAycox, our first #MegMasters, passed away. So young. She was euphoric and delivered lines like honey and poison,” he wrote. “I am amazed at the way you have made a simple word like ‘faded’ mythical.”

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