Sweden will not hold a referendum if parliament decides to join NATO

Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson announced on Friday that she does not want to hold a referendum if the Swedish parliament decides to internet NATO. Reuters.

Anderson said it would be a bad idea to hold a referendum on such an issue.

“I do not think such an idea can be put to a vote,” he said. Information about national security is confidential, so there will be important issues that cannot be discussed and important information that is not in the public domain, ”said the head of the Swedish government.

The Swedish parliament is in the process of evaluating security policy, with a report expected in mid-May. The ruling party is considering dropping opposition to NATO membership as a result of the current security situation created by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Although NATO members have a majority in parliament, opposition from Sweden’s ruling Social Democrats remains a major obstacle.

The leader of the moderates, the largest opposition party, declared his opposition to holding the referendum – saying “the electorate is not naive about Russia. It is very clear that the Swedes understand what happened on February 24 and have already made their own decisions.”

Sweden will hold general elections in September. According to a poll conducted on April 20, 57% of Swedes want their country to join NATO, up from 51% in March.

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Author: Adrian Dumitru

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