Switzerland refuses to allow other countries to transfer weapons it produces to Ukraine

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The Swiss government announced on Friday that it would not abandon its policy of banning the transfer of Swiss-made weapons to third countries, despite pressure from some European countries to re-export such weapons to Ukraine, Reuters reported, taken by Agerpres.

For centuries, Switzerland has had a tradition of neutrality, including a ban on supplying arms to forces engaged in armed conflict. However, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, calls to lift the ban intensified both domestically and internationally.

Two parliamentary commissions have already recommended a less stringent approach to Swiss weapons. However, the government rejected the idea after the last meeting.

“The Federal Council is bound by the values ​​of Swiss neutrality and will continue to work to ensure the implementation of the benefits of neutrality,” a press release from the governing states said. The document says the government will continue to monitor the discussions and issue a new report if necessary.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, Switzerland sought approval to re-export military supplies to Ukraine from Germany, Denmark, and Spain; All were rejected. However, the Swiss have aligned themselves with EU sanctions on Russia, and the central government has repeatedly demanded the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory.

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