“Tell me where the Russians live.” Ukraine’s Enerhodar asks citizens to reveal information about Russian occupiers and collaborators

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry on Saturday asked citizens of a key region seized by Russia to reveal where Moscow’s troops are stationed and which local population is cooperating with occupation authorities, Reuters reports.

Attack against the mayor established by the Russians at EnerhodarPhoto: Twitter

The request by the Defense Ministry’s Intelligence Directorate was sent to people in and around the southern city of Enerhodar, which is home to a large nuclear power plant.

“Please let us know as a matter of urgency the exact location of the bases of the occupying troops and their residential addresses … and the residences of the command staff,” the statement said, adding that proper coordination was desired.

It asked for details of “local collaborators who have turned to the enemy”, where they live and work, as well as “those ‘sympathising’ with the occupiers”.

Russia seized Enerhöder in early March, and in May the city’s Russian-appointed leader was injured in an explosion. The Kremlin called it a “terrorist attack”.

In June, a pro-Russian officer was killed in an explosion in the southern Kherson region, the RIA news agency said. Earlier that month, the head of the region’s criminal service was taken to hospital after a bomb exploded near his car.

The intelligence directorate’s appeal – published on Telegram – also asked about the routes the Russians used to transport military equipment to Enerhodar.

“Let’s evict the settlers from our land together,” reads the directions message, which people can call for details or deliver through messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Signal.

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