The army is mandatory in the European country where most Romanians live! The Act was introduced by the Deputy Head of Government

A legal proposal stirs the waters in a country where many Romanians have gone to work or settled permanently.

It was about the introduction of compulsory military training for both women and men.

“Widespread controversy has erupted in Italy after Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini’s party, La Lega, submitted a legislative proposal to parliament to reintroduce conscription.

According to the proposal, compulsory military service would last six months and be compulsory for all young people between the ages of 18 and 26, both men and women.

The Eurosceptic and populist Deputy Prime Minister believes that military training is a gesture of civic education and a service to society.

The plan was heavily criticized by the opposition, but also by the ruling party.

Antonio Tajani, president of Forza Italia, says implementing mandatory military training would be too expensive and Italy’s budget could not support such an initiative.

Military service is no longer compulsory in Italy since 2005,” reported Antena 3 CNN reporter Naty Badea.

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