The brave summon up Prospect von Grissom

The Braves announced on Wednesday that they have chosen the contract of the best potential player von Grissom Double-A Mississippi and right hand activated Kirby Yates From the list of infected 60 days.

To unlock a space in the 40-man roster, Atlanta activated its first baseman Mike Ford From IL for 10 days and designated for appointment as well as the transferred exercise player Adam Duval From 10 days IL to 60 days IL. Atlanta also announced that player Orlando Archia Heading to IL for 10 days with a hamstring strain and that’s right Huascar intends to It was selected to Triple-A. This frees up a pair of points on the 26-player roster for Grissom and Yates.

Still only 21, Grissom was an 11th-round pick in 2019 who jumped through the minors, peaking at .363/.408/.516 with his 98-board debut at Double-A. This is his only experience over an A-ball, though this year he produced .312/.404/.487 in 344 board appearances at High-A Bear as well. It’s the second time this season that the Braves have aggressively promoted a high potential straight from the ranks of Double-A, and it’s easy to imagine the huge success of Michael Harris Perhaps you encouraged the front office to go back to the well again.

Despite this mediocre recruiting status, Grissom climbed to 77th place in the most recent ranking of the top 100 American baseball players and 98th on He’s broken 14 home runs, 20 doubles and triples across those two minor league runs this season, all while he’s been 27 to 32 in steal base attempts. Not only does Grissom walk much (8.1% on the season but only four walks in 98 Double A games), but he’s also only made 12.2% of his board appearances this season.

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Grissom has been primarily a shortstop this season and all his minor league career, but the Braves have given him seven second base and six third base runs so far in the minors this year. Scout Reports in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. and FanGraphs question his ability to stay short over the long term, but his racket is believed to be strong enough to bring him second, third, or even on the court (although he has played that point exclusively in his professional career). In the short term, with Arcia head to IL and Ozzy Albis The broken foot is still being fixed, and it seems likely that Grissom tickets will be issued to work at second base.

Grissom’s service watch now begins preparing him for a possible trip to a free agency in the 2028-29 season, though a lot could change that trajectory along the way. The bass and the third baseman Austin Riley She was signed to the long-term on the court, and it is not yet known if the Braves will be able to retain the free agent Dansby Swanson after the current season. Even if Swanson left, Grissom wouldn’t be a lock to get into the fight. It’s largely untested above Class A, and while Harris’ success story is encouraging, it’s more common for gamers – even big customers – to struggle after such aggressive promotions. Regardless, he will earn some major league service time this season, and putting him in the 40-player a year roster sooner than needed will speed up his minor league options table.

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Turning to veteran Yates, he’ll add another high-profile, potentially dominant arm to the Atlanta bullpen that’s barely in short supply. The 35-year-old signed a two-year deal worth $8.25 million this winter – a contract that is certain to pay him just $1 million in 2022 given the fact that Yates has been put off all season until this point during rehab from last year’s Tommy surgery. John. When he’s been healthy lately, in 2018-19, he’s been closer to an All-Star with the Padres, reaching a total of 1.67 ERA with 53 saves, a whopping 38.7% strike rate and a meager walking rate of 6.1%.

It remains to be seen if Yates can regain that form, but his work on a minor league rehab job so far certainly creates some optimism. Across three Braves affiliates, Yates scored 8 1/3 single-run ball innings with only four strokes allowed and a 10 to 2 K/BB ratio. will join Kenley JansenAnd the Rizel IglesiasAnd the AJMinterAnd the Tyler Matsik And the Colin McHugh Near the back of the hanging bulls.

As for the 30-year-old Ford, he has lost in eight major league games with the Braves this season and scored a combined batting streak of .150/.320/.175 in 50 games between Atlanta, Seattle and San Francisco. The former Junior Yankees player is not considered among the best odds in the NYC but holds a .258/.355/.481 hitting streak and 61 through 1,294 career board appearances in Triple-A. With players who were on the Major League rosters this season now banned after the August 2 deadline, Ford will be placed in waivers over the next week and will be available to all 29 other clubs.

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