The great experience of two Romanians among the Tatars in Russia. “Romania? Great country!” Video

Christy and Ralu, two well-known Romanian bloggers, chose to go to Russia, but ended up nowhere. Both arrived in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, and their experience was overwhelming.

Christy and Ralu, “Prisoners” in Russia. Photo: Video capture

Two Romanian vloggers posted a clip on YouTube filmed in Tatarstan, and within a day they had collected nearly 100,000 views and hundreds of comments.

good morning! You didn’t think we would say good morning to you from Tatarstan, Kazan, Russia. Some say it is the third capital of Russia. Today, let’s explore this place, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, if Russia was a continent, it could be a big continent, some say this place could be a whole country.Say both at the beginning.

They introduced themselves to the posh part of the city and explained why they made this choice.

I introduced here Emporio Armani and Hilton’s Double Tree in the background, so you can see that big brands have not disappeared from Russia, at least not all. We changed some money, we have money, I remind you that in Russia now you cannot come with cards, none of them work. Let’s see what Kazan, 800 kilometers from Moscow, has to offer.“, both added.

Then they talked about the fact that there is a community of Tatars in Romania, more precisely in Dobrogea. “And we have many descendants of Tatars in the Dobrogea region. Basically, these people recently had two presidents, the president of Russia and the president of Tatarstan. Now he’s not the president, he’s called something else, I don’t know what. But practically two peoples live here, the Tatars, they identify themselves as Tatars and at one point had separate passports from the Russians.The population here was predominantly Muslim, the Muslims of Europe. Bloggers explained.

Captive country in Russia

Now, the population has gone through the process of Russification, they are half and half.

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Half Russian, half Tatar, both languages ​​spoken, both flags, you will see the flag of Russia and the flag of Tatarstan everywhere. People live in a sort of harmony from this miracle. We will go to the Kremlin in Kazan, which literally means fortress, and you will see how an Orthodox cathedral and a mosque are next to each other, you can hear different languages ​​on the street, it is very interesting how these people are. live Somehow they were Muslims, and it was a captive Muslim country in Russia“, complete the youth.

Although they were Muslims, the Tatars were by no means fanatics.

“In some interviews I saw that they are all Muslims, and the world’s largest Koran was once located here, and of course the largest mosque in Russia is located here in Kazan. But I’m not a fanatic, I’m very relaxed about it. That would be the definition of Tatars, and some European Muslims.”

The country has huge oil reserves. “Here, in this city that is already more than 1,000 years old, most of the gas and oil that goes to Europe originates here. After Siberia, it is the place with the most oil in Russia. It can also be seen in the streets, people live relatively happily in this part of the country.They explain.

After stopping at Bauman Street, they continued through the city to Tatarstan’s Kremlin, where two flags fly: one of Russia and the other of Tatarstan.

“Kremlin means a kind of fortress or city surrounded by walls where the most important buildings of the people, religious buildings, administrative buildings, government are gathered. They are all gathered in one place and surrounded by walls. In this case we have a mosque, a church, a government building and about seven There are museums”,
They are detailed.

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Among the sights were several UNESCO monuments, including a tower reminiscent of the more famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.

“Kazan is one of the few places in Russia where there are many UNESCO monuments. This is one of them. If you look, it’s like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, leaning. It has a slope of about 190 centimeters. It’s the name of a princess from this part of the Tartars, she was beautiful, so Ivan the Terrible with me. Come to the palace and say to him: if you build me a tower in one week. So Ivan the Terrible built this tower in one week and she died How not, but that’s the story of the tower.”Both say.

“Only in Jerusalem do you see so many religions in one place”

Later, they reached a church and then a lookout point from where they enjoyed the view.

“If there’s one thing you can’t deny about Russia, it’s incredible architecture and purity. It’s impeccable. There’s a church, there’s another church, and here’s the biggest mosque in Russia. I think only in Jerusalem you see so many religions gathered in one place. So many religious temples in so few square meters. I don’t remember seeing anywhere. This is what the Kazan Kremlin represents. In this place, in the Republic of Tatarstan, many religions coexist in principle, Orthodox and Muslim.

Here, they noted an interesting feature: “You see the difference of the Tatars from others, usually the mosques are green. But here we have a blue one. You will see that all the constructions made by the Tatars have this light blue color that symbolizes freedom and is synonymous with the sky. And to them, when you get to heaven you are free. That’s why they are blue. And I think this is the only mosque in the world where Quran 24 is recited.

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“A kind of McDonald’s with Tatar food”

Arriving at a restaurant where they dined, the duo explained what the local delicacies were. “Course one, Solyanka soup, is a traditional dish here, it’s a soup with meat, it smells amazing. It has a lemon, an olive, some vegetables, but it’s a big smell. It’s creamy. It’s a kind of McDonald’s and Tatar food. Good. Bad. Soliyanka is another traditional dish with minced meat. It’s very fluffy. You’ll be fine with it It costs less. It’s a full meal, I wouldn’t say it’s a snack.”Christie explained.

Then they admired their collection of luxury cars, from Porsches to BMWs and Mercedes, and made another interesting comment.

“One thing you can’t deny: There aren’t as many shady people on the street as there are here or across the States. I don’t know what I’m doing with them, because I think they are, but I’m not here, and I’m not bumping into them. Thank you very much!”

From there, they went to the Museum of Longing for Socialism, where they were met by a man who, discovering they were Romanians, shouted.: “Romania? Great country!He then added:Bucharest is a great city, with interesting architecture.”

From there, they chose to visit a special museum, the “Museum of Happy Childhood,” where they practically went back in time. In the end, both were surprised to find robots delivering food instead of the ubiquitous couriers in Romania. “Oh good! If you order a pizza, he comes and delivers it to your doorstep. But if we come from rural areas, we don’t know these things.“, concluded the two Romans.

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