The last moments of life for the passengers of the submersible Titan. What did the crew do before disaster struck?

The five passengers of the Titanic submarine received several suggestions before their tragic end to the Titanic wreck at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, according to reports. Sky News.

Submersible Titan operated by OceanGatePhoto: La Nacion / Zuma Press / Profimedia

Five passengers aboard the exploded Titan submarine spent their last moments listening to music and watching bioluminescent creatures in the dark, the New York Times reported, citing Sky News.

The US publication details how the five men prepared for the 12-hour journey, but the submersible Titan never fully returned from the depths.

A small submarine, about 6.5 meters long, operated by a private company, went down on June 18 to observe the Titanic’s wreckage, but lost contact within two hours of departure.

The wreckage of the submarine, which was found under the sea at a depth of about 4 kilometers below the water level, 488 meters from the Titanic, was brought ashore in St. Petersburg 10 days after the explosion. John’s, in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Who sailed on the submersible Titan?

Among those aboard the submarine for the $250,000-a-person adventure were British billionaire and adventurer Hamish Harding, 58, and Pakistani-born businessman Shahjata Dawood, 48, along with his 19-year-old son Suleman, both British citizens.

Also on board were French oceanographer and leading Titanic expert Paul-Henri Narjolet, 77, and Stockton Rush, founder and chief executive of OceanGate.

The Pakistani businessman and his son missed out on the dive when the first flight to the destination was canceled and the second run delayed.

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Recommendations for traveling with the submersible Titan

All five were advised to follow a low-fiber diet before the day of the trip and to drink coffee the morning of the dive.

They were also asked to load their favorite songs on their phones to listen to on a Bluetooth speaker, and the OceanGate founder insisted that no country music be included.

Passengers are advised to wear thick socks and hats as the submarine descends towards the wreck of the Titanic as it gets chilly.

Christine Dawood, the Pakistani businessman’s wife, said she and their son were given Oceangate wetsuits, waterproof trousers, an orange waterproof jacket, steel-toed boots, life jackets and hard hats.

All five saw before they died

All five were warned to avoid getting their feet wet due to condensation forming on the floor.

During the dive, the passengers would have only seen bioluminescent sea creatures through the 53 cm porthole en route to the Titanic wreck, as the searchlights were turned off until the submarine reached the sea floor to conserve battery power.

The pilot usually sits aft of the mate from the porthole. Others stood with their backs against the walls of the mini-sub

According to the New York Times, the submarine usually descends at a speed of about 25 meters per minute, so the people on board do not feel the movement.

More jobs are canceled than completed

The NYT also reported that more Titan jobs have been canceled than completed. The first four OceanGate dives this year did not achieve wreck dives.

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There were many safety issues, and many experts pointed them out.

During a trip in 2021, passengers had to shift their weight from side to side to remove the weight attached to the submarine, resulting in the ship returning to the surface when a dive was stopped.

Further investigations into the explosion are underway after debris was found about 487 meters from the Titanic, five days after the ship lost contact with its support vessel.

“Suspected human remains” have been found in the wreckage of missing tourists near the wreck of the Titanic in the North Atlantic, the US Coast Guard announced Wednesday.

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