The man who flies in the “wing suit” and leaves the job. Instead of a 40 minute cable car ride, it is 4 minutes from Babtak Hill

To For many of us, going to and from work every day can be a burden. But there are those who say that the highlight of the day was Genghis Kozak. He enjoys an amazing view, and the journey comes with a piece of adrenaline. Kozak works on Babtak Mountain, which is 1,000 meters high and can be reached in minutes. Find out how to do this by following the Focus Europa report on the Digi24 and Deutsche Welle projects. The show airs Friday nights at 11:30 and resumes Saturday nights at 7:30 p.m.

Get up from the ground like a bird of prey and then land steadily: for Genghis Kozak, this is the perfect end to his work day.

Kozak’s day begins like many in Turkey. He finally drinks a cup of coffee and walks out the door.

Koçak’s other usual routine is less. First, his workplace is located at an altitude of 1,200 meters on Mount Papadok on the southern coast of Turkey.

His spacecraft included a cable car. And he feels relaxed at such dizzying heights.

He is one of the few practitioners of this extreme sport in Turkey

“Fear piqued my curiosity. When I was scared, I knew about myself,” said Genghis Kozak, cable car manager.

Kozak needs challenges. During this He was a paramedic in the Turkish Armed Forces, Base-Jumping – Discovered with and without “Wingsuit”. He is one of the few practitioners of this extreme sport in Turkey.

Kozak comes to work. He is the manager of the Papadok cable car. He hangs his winged pants near his desk. But other than that, his work day has nothing to do with extreme sports. Its purpose is to monitor the technical settings of the cable car and to monitor the panorama restaurant and surveillance site. After eight hours of work, it’s time to leave – the moment he looks forward to every day.

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“I rarely take the cable car home because I can fly!” Says Genghis Kokok.

It flies at a speed of 180 kilometers per hour

He is wearing his airy pants. Since this is also one of the launch pads for paragliding, Koçak can reach the right altitude. He then stretches out his arms and rides home at 180 mph.

“Home” is one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey: lüdeniz.

To land safely, all Koçak needs to do is open the parachute and it’s almost there. Four-minute flight instead of 40-minute by cable car.

“Now I’m going to relax and watch Netflix,” says Genghis, about how he plans to spend his evening.

The last task is to pack your device in your bag.

This extreme sport is a rare experience for most people who fly in winged costumes. According to Cengiz Koçak, this is the fastest way to get home.

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