“The Miracle of Khargou”. Pictures show the Ukrainians quickly retaking towns in the region as the Russians retreat hastily

The Russian front collapsed in the Kharkiv region. A lightning counterattack by Ukrainian troops exceeded all expectations and caused the collapse of Russian troops. Kiev’s forces advanced in days, while the Russians took weeks. A journalist from Kiev calls these things the “Kharkov Miracle”..

Pictures appearing on social networks show moments when Ukrainian soldiers raise the Ukrainian flag again on a mast in the city of Balaklia.

“We have completed the liberation of Palaglia, the first great hourand released during the attack. He’s not the only one. Start the flag-raising ceremony!” – a Ukrainian commander gives the order.

Pictures from the city also appeared bellKubiansk was liberated by the Ukrainians.

A Russian blogger Confirms the recapture of the city of Isium by the Ukrainians: “ChangeWe have a faster wheel. We need to get out of Isium as fast as we can. We are leaving on the only remaining route,” the Russian blogger says in the video.

A salary of tens of thousandsyou are shyThey were made to run AndHundreds of tons of ammunition, projectiles and rockets were seized, as well as tanks, armored vehicles and other vehicles. All seem to have been hastily abandoned:

Abandoned Russian munitions in Balaglia, Kharkiv region on September 10, 2022 Photo: Profimedia Images

Through geolocated video and satellite imagery CNN The Ukrainian counteroffensive featured a series of attacks on command posts, ammunition depots and fuel reserves behind the front lines. Ukrainian forces are attacking Russian supply routes with the aim of cutting off and isolating Russian troops west of the Dnieper River, a senior US official said.

Saturday’s rapid advance did not end with Izium, as Ukraine appears to have opened a new front against Russian forces on the border between Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and Lisitsiansk, the last city in Luhansk region, fell under Russian control in July. Weeks of heavy fighting – CNN reported – is the target of the new attack.

FKiev’s forces were recaptured From Russian troops 30 districts in the north-east of the country, In this Cities of IziuMe and Liman, strategic areas for battles in Donbass and Ukrainian soldiers Also came On the outskirts of the city of Lisitsiansk.

President Volodymyr Zelensky announced late Saturday that his army had recaptured more than 2,000 kilometers of territory captured by the Russians since earlier this month.

Moscow confirms withdrawal from Kharkiv but says it is ‘planned’

Ukrainian victories near Kharkiv can be seen all the way to Moscow. Russian officials have acknowledged the withdrawal of Putin’s soldiers from towns liberated by Ukrainians, but, like other withdrawals, said it was all planned.

“In order to achieve the objective of the special military operation to liberate the Donbas region, it was decided to regroup Russian forces from Balaklia and Isium to strengthen efforts in the Donetsk region. With this aim, the withdrawal and regrouping of forces from there has been carried out for the past three days. Izium-Balaklia,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said.

On the other hand, even separatist officials admit that it is a very difficult situation. “The fact that they broke through our defense lines was a significant victory for them. That’s what they wanted to achieve,” said Vitaly Kanchev, an official of the occupation administration.

Ukraine’s former separatist commander Igor Girkin admitted the pro-Russian military account on Telegram was “a big failure.”

Russian sympathizers are fleeing to Russia en masse. Hundreds of cars are waiting at the border

In any case, the area near the border with Russia and the border crossing points are increasingly crowded, and even Russian officials admit this.

The head of Russia’s ruling United Russia party, which runs parastatals in the occupied Ukrainian territories, announced in a telegram that it had “moved” its volunteers from Balaklia, Kubiansk, Izium and Volchensk to the border of Russia’s Belgorod region.

“Refugees from the Kharkiv region are coming here in large numbers due to the intensity of bombings launched by Ukrainian nationalists. People are leaving with their families, there are many children. Now I am More than 400 vehicles at the border“, United Russia party leader Andriy Turchek wrote on Telegram.

The governor of Russia’s Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Kladkov, confirmed that border checkpoints could no longer cope with the growing flow of people leaving the region where the Ukrainian offensive is taking place.

“There are long lines of civilian cars with refugees from Ukraine,” Kladkov wrote in a telegram. “Mobile distribution stations have already been dispatched and food and water supplies have been arranged for the Kharkiv region,” the governor said, as quoted by The Washington Post.

Ukrainian authorities have warned that anyone who cooperates with Russian occupation forces will face criminal consequences.

Could there be a dramatic reversal in the course of the war?

The stunning reversal did not mark a decisive shift in the war in favor of Ukraine. Russia still occupies large swathes of Ukrainian territory, including the cities of Mariupol, Melitopol and Kherson, and Russian troops still control Putin’s land bridge to Crimea, which has been illegally annexed since 2014. A ferocious shower of high-powered missiles. But the Ukrainian counter-offensive cut off enemy supply lines, threw Russian ranks into disarray, emboldened Ukrainians, put occupation officials on the run and angered Kremlin supporters, the comments said. “Washington Post” In a letter sent from the Kharkiv region.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov admitted his country is still far from claiming a victory. “Getting on the plane in Kharkiv and landing in Mariupol is a sign of success for me,” Reznikov told a press conference in Germany.

In Washington, however, a senior defense official described the Ukrainian progress as “very encouraging.”

At the very least, Ukraine’s surprise advance in northeastern Kharkiv, after launching a separate counteroffensive last week that forced thousands of Russian troops into the southern Kherson region, is allowing the Ukrainian army to gain momentum in what has turned into a ferocious artillery offensive. “The Washington Post”.

At the same time, territorial gains have come at a cost, Ukrainian commanders acknowledge. Anatoly Prihrusha, who leads a combat unit involved in the recapture of Balaklia, said in an interview that the fighting was violent and bloody. “It’s good that the Russians ran away, but we gave away many lives,” said Prihrusha.

Author: Luana Pavaluka

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