The moment a sinkhole in a swimming pool swallows a man during a video party

A man died during a party in Israel when a large sinkhole opened up in the pool he was in and swallowed him. The Times of Israel. The moment of the accident was captured and circulated on social media.

The accident happened on Thursday afternoon in Karmei Yosef, during a party organized for the employees of a company.

Footage captured by a guest shows how a multi-meter crater forms in the middle of a crowded pool, swallowing a person and all the water in the pool, including the coils.

The search operation was difficult and lasted for more than four hours. Before finding the body of the missing man, rescuers set up a support system to stop the rest of the pool from collapsing.

Another person got out and suffered minor injuries after being dragged by the water seeping through the crack.

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Speaking to Channel 12, one of the pool party attendees said there were about 50 people at the scene when the disaster happened: “The water level suddenly started to drop and a hole opened, which created a vortex, which pulled two people in.”

Another witness told the Ynet news site that the vortex engulfed the victim within seconds and that there may have been more victims, but only six people were in the pool at the time. When the sinkhole opened, he yelled at his colleagues to get out of the pool, but at first they thought it was some kind of prank.

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“A few seconds later, it fell to the ground… I saw two people missing,” the witness added.

Police said they are investigating the death and trying to find out if the pool was installed with a proper license.

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