The moment some of the craters damaged by the explosion in Beirut two years ago collapsed

Some grain silos at the port of Beirut collapsed on Sunday after a week of fire. The BBC writes that the moment was captured by surveillance cameras.

The latest fire, believed to have been caused by fermented grains ignited by high temperatures, smoldered for weeks and officials warned the pit could collapse.

The north side of the silos, which was damaged after a massive explosion in 2020, collapsed with a loud thud. Images show a large cloud of dust rising into the air. Terrified by the loud explosion-like sound, residents of the area ran to close their windows or hide in their shelters.

The moment some of the craters damaged by the explosion in Beirut two years ago collapsed. Photo: Profimedia Images

There was no word on whether there were any injuries after Sunday’s incident.

Silo’s general manager assured that everything was under control. After a few minutes the situation calmed down.

The 50-year-old and 48-meter-high crater was left standing after a powerful eruption two years ago. However, the buildings were badly damaged in the explosion, which killed 200 people.

The family and survivors are still waiting for a response to the investigation launched by the authorities, but it has been suspended twice so far.

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