The only land area connecting the Baltic states with the rest of the European Union and NATO is 65 km long. Locals fear that Russia will occupy it

Lithuania is located between the Kaliningrad and Belarus regions of Russia. With a narrow land border, only the Swalki Plateau connects with other Baltic states, such as the European Union and NATO. This has rekindled fears that Russia will occupy the corridor and isolate the Baltic states. Paulius Li┼íkauskas has been preparing for such a situation for a long time, and if Putin attacks his country, he wants to be ready to fight again. See the “Focus Europa” report, DG24 project and Deutsche Valley. The show airs Friday nights at 11:30 and resumes Saturday nights at 7:30 p.m.

Short-distance target training. It has been three years since Palius Liskouskas completed his skills in the Lithuanian paramilitary organization. The number of members increased rapidly during this period.

“Russia’s state campaign has blindfolded Lithuania. That means we can be next,” he said. Palius Liscaskas.

An important part of the Svalbard Corridor – we are talking about a piece of land alone 65 km wideLocated between Lithuania and Poland. It is the only ground bridge between the Baltic states and other NATO countries. There are fears that Moscow may try to block this sidewalk.

“We remember the war every day.”

The war in Ukraine is also having an impact on the Lithuanian border town of Vilkaviskis, where more and more refugees are arriving.

Red Cross volunteers collect food and clothing for them.

Irina Diktarova left the city of Kharkov in northeastern Ukraine. Now she is helping other refugees. Many of his friends and relatives are staying at home in Ukraine.

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“We are safe here, but we always think about the war. We remember it every day, again and again. This is the experience of all Ukrainians who fled abroad,” said Irina Diktarova.

Irina is grateful for the unity shown by the Lithuanians. Locals share their anger at the Russian invasion. The war also angered Palius Liskas. But he is careful to distinguish between Kremlin policies and ordinary Russian citizens.

“I have Russian clients and I am in touch with them. I do not feel personal hatred for them, but I have more hatred for their state and the Moscow campaign,” says Palius.

What do Russians who travel by train through Lithuania see?

But some Russians feel the effects of the invasion while traveling by train on their way to the Kaliningrad Enclave via Lithuania. They were not allowed to set foot in Lithuanian territory. From the windows of carriages they face images of war – and billboards with questions like: Do they really want to support President Vladimir Putin?

Politicians in Lithuania warn that the war in Ukraine has raised warnings in all the Baltic states. Which of their country should be armed against the Russian occupier.

“I would say we are more patriotic. You have to defend your independence and so on … It’s like understanding these fundamental issues. We have only a few more years to prepare. That is why our region needs a big NATO presence, a reliable deterrent,” he said. He said. Lorinas Casinas.

“No one knows what tomorrow will bring us”

Paleus Liskaskas believes NATO will send more troops to Lithuania, which has a population of less than 3 million. But if it gets worse, he is ready to go to war even in the Civil War – with 14,000 volunteers from the paramilitary organization.

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“It’s hard to talk about the future. We live in difficult times, and no one knows what tomorrow will bring.

Many Lithuanians are trained and vigilant. People fear that the front line may suddenly rise if a Russian attack takes place, especially near the Svalbard corridor.

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