The only Western leader who has met with Putin since the beginning of the invasion: The Russian president has “his own logic about war.”

The only Western leader to have met with the Russian president since the beginning of the Ukraine invasion was Austrian President Carl Nehmer. Word That Vladimir Putin “has his own logic about the war And he thinks to win In Ukraine.

Nehammer told NBC that Russian President Vladimir Putin was “in his own war logic”. And that He thinks of winning the war.

Carl Nehammer This He was the first European leader to meet Putin in Moscow after Russia invaded Ukraine.

I told him clearly That His attitude, his vision was not shared by anyone. He watches Invasion As a kind of defensive measure of the Russian Federation. He calls To stay surgerye MilitaryComplex SpecialComplex. I call it war”He continued.

We have to face what we see in Ukraine and confront himA May Said Carl Nehammer Thus explained himself VisitIn Moscow, Criticized by many European leaders.

Before coming to Moscow, Nehammer visited the bookHa, city Next Kiev According to Mediafox, hundreds of Ukrainian civilians were tortured and killed by Russian troops.

The Chancellor said He told her What he saw in the book was smallHA and That “It simply came to our notice then Discussion Friendly “.

He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Putin, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations. So that’s the problem now This one Will be And The future.

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