The Pakistani rupee falls to a record low, and the crisis-hit nation seeks a bailout

The Pakistani rupee fell Rs. 24 and was trading at Rs. 255 to the US dollar

New Delhi:

Pakistan’s currency fell to a record low rupee. Local media reported that it was $255 against the dollar on Thursday. Stumbling comes after The cash-strapped government It loosened its grip on the exchange rate to earn much-needed loans from the International Monetary Fund.

Pakistani exchange houses removed the maximum rate of dollar against the rupee from Wednesday and said they would allow the local currency to depreciate slowly in the open market.

The Pakistani rupee fell Rs. 24 and was trading at Rs. The Express Tribune reports 255 to the US dollar at 1 p.m.

The IMF had asked the Pakistani government to end its control and allow market forces to determine the price of the currency, a condition that was readily accepted. Pakistan had been looking to win approval from the global body for $6.5 billion in financing, which is currently on hold.

While Pakistan won a bailout from the International Monetary Fund last year, the release of funds has stalled this year.

Declining foreign exchange reserves in Pakistan have led to massive food price inflation. In some parts of the country, a packet of flour is sold for as much as Rs. 3,000. Videos of people fighting for food and chasing food trucks are going viral on social media.

As the country plunged into darkness because Frequent power outages.

“We couldn’t do anything. Everyone is sitting idle. We can’t operate any machines,” says Zafar Ali, who runs a workshop.

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Pakistan’s central bank this week also raised interest rates to a 24-year high to combat rising prices.

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