The pro-Putin Kadyrov criticizes the Russian army’s performance on the Ukrainian withdrawal | Ramzan Kadyrov

Ramzan Kadyrov, the Kremlin-appointed leader of Chechnya, has criticized the leadership of the Russian army after it was caught by surprise. Ukraine’s war against the Russian invasion in the Northeast.

Indicating that the Kremlin could face serious repercussions due to the loss of territory that Russia’s occupation administrations have repeatedly said they plan to keep “forever”, Kadyrov also suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin He may not be aware of the true state of affairs.

“They made mistakes and I think they will draw the necessary conclusions,” Kadyrov said in an audio message posted on his Telegram channel on Sunday.

“If no changes are made in the strategy today or tomorrow, I will have to speak with the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the leadership of the country to explain to them the real situation on the ground. It is a very interesting situation,” said Kadyrov, a former rebel turned Kremlin ally that rules Chechnya – a republic. Russian in the Caucasus – with an iron fist and has a paramilitary force under his command “It’s amazing, I would say.”

Since the invasion in February, the Kremlin has focused on silencing liberal voices critical of the war, but as things deteriorate on the battlefield, Putin has a headache about what to do with former fans who want Russia to commit more troops to the war in order to change course.

Many Chechen units were involved in the Russian war effort, and while Kadyrov appears to be very loyal to Moscow, he is one of the few Russian political figures whose messaging the Kremlin does not fully control.

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All eyes will be on how Putin responds to the retreat. He previously hid allegations that he miscalculated terribly in February when he thought the Russian army could overrun. Ukraine within days. In a recent appearance he said that Russia “lost nothing” during the war, but that the heavy losses in recent days may be more difficult to convince the Russian population.

On Saturday, with disastrous news streaming in from the front, Putin was busy opening a huge observation wheel in a Moscow park as part of the Moscow Day celebrations. Military bloggers strongly criticized him for going ahead with the festivities.

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