The Royal House vibrates! The “Sussex bomb” could explode with the arrival of Megan and Harry in the kingdom. Who owns the “Detonator”

Sources say Megan Markle And Prince Harry will have zero obligations throughout the Platinum Jubilee celebration. Moreover, it is said Lords of Sussex They will be compelled to be as prudent as possible so as not to obscure the Queen and royal officials.

It looks like Lords of Sussex He is expected to attend the Thanksgiving service with the royal family at St. Paul’s Cathedral on Friday. Despite the need for more prudence, there are fears that the two will hide behind the holidays because this is the first time they have been seen with the royal family since they gave up life at the palace in March 2020 and chose to live freely in California.

No matter how clever Meghan and Harry are, the press will hunt them down

Buckingham Palace has confirmed that the balcony will not be joined by high-ranking government officials, only members of the royal family who “currently perform official public service”.

At all times, at a time when the “Sussex bomb” is about to explode, court members are working tirelessly to remove the ignition points. When Harry and Megan return to the UK, it seems that civil servants are doing everything they can to defuse a potential conflict.

According to state expert Russell Myers, the two “promised to behave better” when they returned to Britain for the Queen’s Jubilee. But biographer Angela Levine was less optimistic about their return, warned “I can not be trusted” and civil servants responded accordingly.

Levine said: ” Queen He gave them a kind of olive branch Harry And Megan. But I think I can no longer trust them. We do not know whether they came from Netflix I’ve been there, but I know they have extra security.

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The Queen was spotted at the airport on her way to the Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth He was spotted at the Aberdeen airport as he was leaving for the extraordinary Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The 96-year-old monarch was returning to London four days before the 70th anniversary of his enthronement. Palace sources say the queen will be in Palmoral on Thursday.

Meanwhile, there are more and more voices that Megan will create a circus with every move during the Platinum Jubilee. The possibility that the Netflix deal between Harry and Megan could have an impact on the holidays has caused considerable concern to government employees.

Why don’t they trust Meghan and Harry

Streaming company Netflix has not applied for accreditation to film public festival events. But the source said that if Netflix film crews try to set up filming locations in public places they will be “moved” by the services that run the events.

Also, it is known that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex went with the Netflix crew during the Hague trip last month, so it is not ruled out that this time there may be a secret arrangement. Express.

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