The Russians reject the peace plan proposed by Italy. Medvedev: “The excuse to start a full-scale war”

Dmitry Medvedev, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin and deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, has disagreed on efforts to mediate peace between Russia and Ukraine. Italy has recently proposed a plan to end Russia’s war against Ukraine.

In a telegram, Medvedev said that the peace plans proposed by the European powers “should be a matter of making options that take into account the realities somehow.”

He criticized Italy’s recent efforts, saying “they are not made by diplomats, but by local political scientists who read Western newspapers and operate only on Ukrainian counterfeits.”

Medvedev has ruled out the possibility of Ukraine ever becoming a full member of the European Union. “They know this is a lie” because Ukraine’s joining the EU or NATO is “too expensive and dangerous”.

Former Russian President Donbass describes the region’s autonomy as “nonsense” while inside Ukraine. “Decisions on the fate of the Donbass Republic are final and will not be reversed,” he says.

Medvedev rejected any peace deal involving Crimea, saying that simply putting the talks on the table was “a threat to Russia’s territorial integrity and an excuse for a full-scale war.” Russia does not and will never have a political force that agrees to discuss the fate of Crimea. It would be just treason.

According to Italian Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo, Italy has submitted to the UN a plan to “facilitate stage dialogue” between Russia and Ukraine.

The proposed project consists of four phases, the UN said. The ceasefire began under surveillance and continues with the agreement on Ukraine’s position on relations with NATO and the European Union.

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The next step is to resolve regional issues, including the Crimean Peninsula and the Donbass, and finally reach a new defense agreement in Europe.

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