The Star Citizen update takes steps towards fully immersing the game

Cloud Imperium Games has launched a new update for the infamous MMO Star Citizen to make its universe more stable.

Alpha 3.18: Lasting Legacies added persistent entity streaming technology that allows objects players move to be dynamically tracked on certain servers, meaning players can now make their mark on the world.

The developer claims that this makes the game “one of the most immersive and ‘alive’ experiences ever in gaming”. Furthermore, this technical update is an important addition in laying the foundation for full perseverance in the game.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 | permanent legacies

Another major addition is the rescue profession, which provides a new economical, non-combat career path.

This will allow players to retrieve materials from target ships and sell them for profit. New technologies and gadgets have been added, such as a full cargo rebuild lab, as well as a Drake Vulture vehicle for the rescue profession and a “soft death” feature.

For the full patch notes, visit Star Citizen website.

“Every update to Star Citizen brings important new content and technology, but Lasting Legacies is our biggest achievement to date for both the game and all of us at CIG. The Continuing Entity Broadcast is the impactful first public step toward a truly enduring world where players can live,” said Chris Roberts, creative director. For Star Citizen, they “have left their mark, a cornerstone that opens up endless new gameplay opportunities”.

“One of the huge opportunities brought about by Perseverance is the first iteration of Rescued gameplay, which we’re excited to finally offer players, along with the new physical charge revamper. Our players have been patiently awaiting Alpha 3.18: Lasting Legacies, and I’m incredibly proud that we’re now able to give them away. The most significant update in years, an update that will make the galaxy more vibrant and realistic than ever before. ”

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However, this update did not arrive without problems. Some players have reported problems logging into the game, according to Star Citizen subreddit.

Furthermore, the developer may implement a partial data wipe with its next update, 3.18.1.

a Response from the developer He stated that partial wiping was possible but “not guaranteed”. If that happens, AUB and its reputation will remain intact. “The only items that will be affected are those obtained through in-game purchases or loot,” it said, though its system will retain information about purchases until they can be restored in a future update.

At the start of last year, game developer Cloud Imperium Games laid out an ambitious five-year plan for the game, though it later narrowed its roadmap so as not to annoy players with delays.

The game has now raised over half a billion dollars in crowdfunding.

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