The stars are kicking off summer with Memorial Day fun in the sun

Celebrities on Memorial Day

Start summer in style…

Brady, Vergara and more!!!

The weather is getting hotter, and celebrities need to take a day off every now and then too… with summer starting earlier for many than the calendar indicates.

Tom Brady He knew exactly how he wanted to spend the long weekend… tearing off his shirt and ending up on his skateboard, with a huge smile on his face. Love the ocean breeze running through the hair, Tom!

while, Sofia Vergara She posed for a photo with her little dog… and wished everyone a very happy holiday – and they appeared to be enjoying the day with one of her close friends.

Lindsey Lohan, Kate Hudson And Cindy Crawford They all posted beach photos, too… dressed in swimsuits and ready to take a great dip — a great way to spend the weekend.

However, other celebrities decided to focus on the true meaning of the holiday, which is a way to honor soldiers killed in battle. Matthew McConaughey He posted a photo of himself at the University of Texas Longhorns football field with the message “Respect and Remember.”

There are a lot of those similar posts out there too… from stars like Melissa Joan Hart, Bette Midler, Blake Shelton And more – another great way to celebrate FWIW Day.

Anyhoo…it seems like celebrities are celebrating this day in every way you can think of. Happy Memorial Day, folks!

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