The truth is, we have done more burials than baptisms

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán admitted in a speech at Bael Duszneud on Saturday that his country is experiencing rapid population decline.

“The first and most important challenge, in the future, is demographic evolution. The truth is that there are more funerals than baptisms. Like it or not, the world’s population can be divided into two categories. They are biologically self-sustaining people. We are part of the other group, one such group. “They are not worthy of the matter. Our situation has improved, but we have not reached a turning point. Here is the crux of the matter. If there is no change, Hungary will be stolen from us, the Carpathian Basin will be stolen from us,” Orban said, according to the Radar agency.

He also spoke about migration, resuming attacks on the strategy allegedly set up by the Hungarian-born billionaire and philanthropist George Soros: “There is less mention of migration now, but believe me, nothing has changed. Brussels, along with Soros’ troops, wants to force us to accept migrants. And for the border security system. They prosecuted us, and we were guilty. If there was no crisis in Ukraine, this condemnation would have been implemented. But after the war broke out in Ukraine and we received refugees, this matter was put aside, but not removed from the agenda.

In the same speech, Orban sparked controversy by saying, “We (no Hungarians) are not mixed race… and we don’t want to become mixed race“. He also said that countries where Europeans and non-Europeans mix are no longer “countries”.

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Hungary’s population has declined from 10.7 million in the 80s of the last century to about 9.5 million in 2019, according to the Worldometer portal.

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