The Try Guys is editing ex-member Ned Fulmer from upcoming videos

comedy group try men She shared a video statement Monday evening, addressing her recent decision to cut ties with the former members Ned Vollmerwho admitted he was involved in a “consensual” business relationship and was subject to an internal investigation.

Zach Kornfield, Keith Habersberger and Eugene Li Yang appear in the video titled “What Happened,” explaining the timeline for Vollmer’s exit from the company and how the group will continue to change its content to address the situation. The trio shared that they were working to remove Fulmer from the new videos once they started investigating his behavior.

“We immediately removed Ned from business activities and engaged an HR professional to conduct a thorough review of the facts. We have also chosen to remove Ned from our publications, and the pending findings of that review,” Kornfeld stated. “This includes removing his section from videos, digitally removing it from others and choosing not to feature it in our throws of goods. Frankly, I want to give major props to our editorial team for how clever they are at handling that.”

Kornfeld also shared that while the group was able to reduce Fulmer’s presence in some content, the company eventually decided to put in some videos in which the former member was a more prominent character.

“There are many videos that we considered completely unreleasable,” Kornfield continued. You’ll never see them and that’s because he shared it. This is a decision that cost us a lot of money. We won’t be able to get that money back, but it’s a decision we take with pride.”

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Habersberger shared that the trio is continuing to work with their editorial team to remove Fulmer from future versions that have already been filmed. He also clarified that some of the sponsored content may still include Vollmer, due to company commitments that preceded his exit.

The trio also shared that they signed agreement to remove Vollmer as director and employee of the company on September 16. Habersberger stated that the group was not in a hurry to make an announcement about the issue because “there are real people affected” and “there is a family at the heart” of the problem.

Yang then said the group realized that the public statement had become necessary due to “the acceleration of public speculation.” Before The Try Guys’ first statement Upon the announcement of Vollmer’s departure from the group, fans online began spreading theories regarding the comedian’s minimal presence in recent videos.

“We are obviously very shocked and deeply pained by all of this. This is the person we have built a brand and company with for eight years,” Yang stated. “We are saddened, not only on a personal level, but also on behalf of our employees and fans who have believed in us.”

“I don’t know we’ll be able to fully express the pain we’re feeling at this moment,” Kornfield said. “It is hard to re-watch the old videos we love and are proud of. We are losing a friend.”

The Try Guys first launched on BuzzFeed before leaving in 2018 to form their own production company, 2nd Try. The group currently has 7.98 million subscribers on their YouTube channel and has performed on the Food Network, “No-Recipe Road Trip With the Try Guys,” which premiered in August.

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Watch the statement from Try Guys below.

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