The Ukrainian official says “something could happen” through the pipeline that supplies Russian oil to Hungary

A recent statement by a Ukrainian energy ministry adviser on an oil pipeline supplying oil from Russia to Hungary was “shocking and unacceptable”, the Hungarian Foreign Ministry said on Friday, MTI News.

Hungary opposes European oil embargo against Russia demanded by Ukraine. In this context, an adviser to the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy recently suggested that “something could happen” in the supply of pipeline through Ukraine (Drujba oil pipeline) and Russian oil to Hungary.

Following the report, Hungarian MFA Foreign Secretary Tamas Menczer announced on Facebook that Ukrainian Ambassador Lyubov had spoken with Nepal, recalling Hungary’s humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian refugees, adding that the Kyiv official’s statements were unacceptable.

According to Reuters, the EU is moving towards an oil embargo against Russia, which will exclude oil currently being distributed through pipelines, making the move more acceptable to Hungary and other territorial member states and more drastic. Affected by complete blockade. According to European sources, an agreement could be reached at the European Summit on May 30-31.

The Budapest government has warned Hungary that it has no choice but to import oil from Russia through pipelines, first expanding its pipeline capacity through Croatia, and that it will take up to four years for Hungarian refineries to modify its technological processes. Oil with different characteristics can be processed from those extracted from Russia.

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