The union alleged that Starbucks illegally closed the coffee shop in response, Bloomberg reports

A pro-union poster is seen on a lamppost outside the Starbucks Broadway and Denny location in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle on March 22, 2022.

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trade union in Starbucks He claims that the coffee chain recently closed a syndicate cafe in retaliation for its activist efforts, Bloomberg News reported.

It’s the latest escalation between a rapidly growing national labor movement and the coffee giant.

The Labor Union, the union that supports regulation efforts at Starbucks, reportedly said in a report Friday to the National Labor Relations Board that Starbucks is violating federal labor law by permanently closing its Ithaca, New York store. The group claimed it was retaliatory since the employees were on the site Vote for unions in AprilAccording to the organization Twitter account.

Starbucks said it was opening and closing stores “as a regular part” of its operations. “Our goal is to ensure that each partner is supported in their individual situation, and we have immediate market opportunities,” a Starbucks spokesperson said in an email to CNBC.

The union is asking the agency to seek a federal court injunction to prevent or quickly reverse the store’s closure, according to the report.

About 100 Starbucks coffee shops voted to join unions under the leadership of UW, while only 14 locations voted against unions. This week, the United Workers’ Organization announced that it was in the process of creating Million dollar fund To cover lost pay for baristas who are on strike.

The United Labor Organization has filed at least 175 complaints against the coffee chain for unfair labor practices, CNBC previously reported. Starbucks has denied any wrongdoing.

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Read the full report from Bloomberg News here.

CNBC’s Amelia Lucas contributed to this report.

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