The United States has warned China not to support Russia in its war against Ukraine. “I have made it clear to Beijing that there will be repercussions.”

Representatives of the US and Chinese governments met in Rome on Monday to discuss the war in Ukraine, stressing the importance of maintaining “open communication” between the two powers. The United States has warned China of “consequences” if it offers to help Russia in the war against Ukraine.

The meeting, which lasted more than eight hours behind closed doors at a hotel in the Italian capital, helped reconsider bilateral relations and discuss the war in Ukraine following the February 24 invasion of Russia.

The White House noted that after “substantial discussions” on the conflict and other bilateral issues in Ukraine, the parties “emphasized the importance of maintaining open communication” between Washington and Beijing, according to the EFE, taken by Agerpres.

At the same time, the United States on Monday warned that China would have “consequences” if it provided assistance to Russia, while stressing that Beijing could “do more than any other country” to end the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the EFE said.

State Department spokesman Netflix said in a statement that Moscow had asked Beijing to help with the occupation of Ukraine, which has been denied by authorities.

“I have made it clear to Beijing both privately and publicly that there will be repercussions for such support,” the spokesman said.

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