The White House has denied that Joe Biden is considering dropping out of the US presidential race

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US President Joe Biden “almost fell asleep on stage” at a meeting with Democratic donors Photo: Profimedia Images

The White House has denied an article published by US newspaper The New York Times (NYT) on Wednesday as “absolutely false”, according to which US President Joe Biden told a close aide that he is considering whether to withdraw. The race for the White House seat was captured by, Reuters reported.

The article is based on a discussion the NYT says Biden had with a “key ally,” whose identity he did not disclose, so the Democratic president knows he needs to quickly reassure the public that he can still use and continue in the top job. His campaign.

Biden’s poor performance in a debate with his Republican rival Donald Trump in Atlanta last week led to calls to withdraw his bid for the Democratic nomination ahead of the Nov. 5 presidential election.

After the debate with Donald Trump, the US President was heavily criticized and seems to have been overtaken by events.

Subsequently, the demand for him to withdraw from the competition increased manifold.

“This report is completely false,” White House press secretary Andrew Bates writes in X.

He posted this X with a picture of the NYT article, “Biden Says He’s Weighing Whether to Stay in Race.”

The NYT article did not explicitly state that Biden had said he was reconsidering his re-election bid. But the article quoted an aide as saying that by the end of the week, Biden “knows we’re in a different place if two more events like this happen.” This may make it difficult for him to continue his campaign.

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Joe Biden is set to give his first interview to ABC News since his debate with Trump on Friday.

CNN later revealed a similar discussion with an unnamed close associate of the president, who says Biden realized what was happening to him.

So, Biden admitted privately to an associate that the next term was crucial to saving his candidacy.

“Polls are crashing, fundraising is drying up, interviews are going poorly. He’s no stranger to these things,” declares this CNN insider.

The US president announced he was tired during the debate on Tuesday, after two foreign visits, to France and Italy in June, when the White House announced he had a cold during the debate.

The U.S. president praised the fact that he “traveled around the world several times” just before the conflict “wasn’t very smart” and because of it, he “almost fell asleep on stage” at a meeting with Democratic donors near Washington. . “This is not an excuse, but an explanation,” Biden insisted.

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