The world’s only singles are finally home. For the first 19 months of life, they were monitored by doctors around the clock

The world’s only non-twins, nine born to the same mother, have returned home safely to Mali after spending the first 19 months of their lives under constant medical supervision in Morocco.

These babies have broken the Guinness World Record for the most babies alive after a single birth.

Before giving birth in May 2021, mother Halima Cisse, now 27, was flown to Morocco for specialist treatment. All the while, she and her children lived in Casablanca with 24-hour medical care. BBC.

Five girls and four boys were born by caesarean section at 30 weeks.

The medical director Professor Yusuf Alaou said the girls, Qaditia, Fathuma, Hawa, Adama and Omou, and the boys Mohammed VI, Omar, Elhadji and Bah weighed between 500g and 1kg at birth. They were born.

Due to premature birth they were at risk of developing health problems and had hospital stays in the first months of life. They were then moved to an apartment, where they received permanent medical treatment from the Ain Borja Clinic.

On their first birthday, father Abdelkader Arbi said that each one has a unique personality.

“They all have different personalities. Some are quiet, others make a lot of noise and cry a lot. Some like to be held all the time. They are very different, and this is completely normal.”Then the father said.

RB said that those who were not in Mali had become stars and people could not wait to see them with their own eyes.

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