Three TV stations from Romania on Russia’s sanctions list

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Russia’s foreign ministry announced on Tuesday that dozens of European Union media outlets will be banned from accessing broadcast sources in Russia, in response to a similar ban imposed by the European Union on three Russian media outlets. On that day List published The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also has three TV channels from Romania: ProTV, Digi24 and B1TV.

In total, the list published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow on Tuesday includes 81 European publications such as Spiegel, Zeit, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany), El PaĆ­s (Spain), La Stampa, La Repubblica (Italy), Le. Monde , Liberation (France), but also pan-European channels like Politico and EUobserver.

“In response to the EU Council’s decision on May 17 to ban ‘any broadcasting activity’ by three Russian media outlets (RIA Novosti, Izvestia and Rossiyskaya Gazeta), effective today June 25, we are introducing restrictive countermeasures from the territory of the EU member states from the territory of the Russian Federation. Access to broadcast resources of several media organizations and media operators at the EU level systematically broadcast false information about the conduct of a special military operation,” Russian officials were quoted as saying. By a Russian government agency Toss.

“In Brussels and European Capitals, Expansion Path Chosen”

The Russian Foreign Ministry points out that the Russian side has warned repeatedly and at various levels that “persecution of domestic journalists for political reasons and baseless sanctions imposed on Russian media in the EU space will not go unnoticed.”

“Despite this, the path of expansion was chosen in Brussels and European capitals, forcing Moscow to take countermeasures and comply with another illegal ban. The responsibility for the evolution of such events rests only with the leadership of the European Union and the countries of this association that supported such a decision,” the Russian Ministry insists.

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Officials added that Moscow will reconsider its decision on Tuesday’s sanctioned media operators if restrictions on Russian media are lifted.

Full list of permitted publications

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