Tim Benz: Come for the Andrew McCutcheon trade rumors, stay for the Mitch Keeler speculation

So, Pirates fans, if you loved the trade rumors surrounding Andrew McCutcheon on Monday, you’re going to love those rumors about Pirates pitcher Mitch Keeler on Tuesday.

Started by the same person.

It was MLB insider John Morosi who reported earlier this week that the Texas Rangers approached the Buccaneers about Potentially acquiring McCutcheon. It is now being suggested that the Pirates might want to listen to the Baltimore Orioles if they come calling about firing pitcher Mitch Keeler.

“If we’re talking about a deal that would change this team around more meaningfully, and really return some serious value, I think the name we have to keep in mind is Keller. I think there’s a very good argument that you keep Keller and combine him with the young punter and have a good rotation.” very next year,” Morosi told 93.7 The Fan on Tuesday. “But what I wonder about is that Keeler has had two years of post-season control. Do the Buccaneers feel like they are legitimate World Series contenders, (or) 2024 or 25 division winners? And if they don’t, I think you should at least consider The idea of, “Okay, let’s put Keeler out there and see what kind of bat we can get back.”

If the hackers do that, I think they’re basically admitting that the constant rebuilding process will never end. At some point, they must stick to at least one pitcher of average quality. They traded Gerrit Cole when he was 27. Joe Musgrove returned in return. He went to San Diego after he turned 28. Jameson Tellon went to the Yankees after he was 27 and a bunch of injuries.

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The Pirates have had a lot of hard times with Keeler. Now that he’s 27, just as he seems to be starting to figure it out, they might as well trade him in?

“If you called (Pirates general manager) Ben Chirrington and asked them that question, he’d probably say, ‘We’re not looking to trade (Keller).'” But they are not. “But I think you have to be open-minded about everything. … When you’re under . 500, you really can’t have too many players who you say are completely untouchable on your team. I suspect that’s where they’re at with Keeler. If I’m going to give you a percentage estimate now as we speak, there’s still a better than 50/50 chance he’ll be on the Pirates roster after the August 1 deadline. But I think that, if you’re looking to make a significant move, it’s probably your best chance to do so.”


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Killer is the Pirate’s best shooter yet. He is 8-3 this season with a 3.45 ERA over 16 starts. He has 113 strikeouts and 26 walks over 99 innings pitched. May it be all stars. So pirates would need to get a large amount in return if they were to even consider such an option. Morosi thinks 48-30 Orioles can provide that.

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“Baltimore has enough minor league players that can give you a player who’s young every day, has value, and doesn’t feel as though they’re jeopardizing the future in the process. I think the number of teams that can do that is pretty short and Baltimore is on that list,” Morosi insisted.

Seeing McCutcheon in action again so quickly after his comeback this year could be an emotional blow to the Pirates fan base. But seeing Keeler deal would be an affront to her intelligence.

Certainly, Keller will return a larger return. But it would also be the latest evidence that the pirates’ plan of action for permanent rebuilding will never change course.

Pittsburgh was more emotionally invested in McCutcheon. But rebuilding the franchise has invested a lot more in Keller. His departure will be more important in the big picture, and he won’t be back next year in free agency, as McCutcheon might do.

Sure enough, Morosi is talking about Keeler, and he’s relaying information about the Rangers’ desire for McCachin’.

There’s no blazing smoke from Pittsburgh’s end either way.

Until now.

However, the fact that either move is plausible enough that a reporter at League Network thinks it is worth discussing is an indication of how the outside world assumes the local club will operate consistently.

But, oh those Giveaway luau pirates t-shirts It sure is fun, right?

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