Tourists watch a Russian man eat a shark on a beach in Egypt

Warning: This piece contains graphic video that may be disturbing to viewers.

Tourists visiting the popular Egyptian resort of Hurghada saw a man being eaten by a shark just a few meters from a crowded beach.

Russian media reported that the accident occurred on the beach of the Dream Beach Hotel reportswho said that the victim was a Russian citizen.

The Russian Consul General in Hurghada, Viktor Vorobiev, informed the country TASS The news agency said the deadly attack took place Thursday.

“A Russian died as a result of the shark attack,” he said, identifying the victim as “V. Popov, who said he was not a tourist but had been living in Egypt for several months.” Russian media reports named the victim as Vladimir Popov.

The terrifying footage of the encounter shows hotel staff screaming for the swimmers to get out of the water as the shark’s fin can be seen approaching.

Popov can then be seen struggling with the shark before it becomes clear to all viewers that it is a losing battle. According to Russian media reports, his father was watching on the beach at the time of the attack, and Popov had cried for him as he struggled to escape from the shark.

One of the witnesses who filmed the attack can be heard saying, “He’s eating his remains now.” Soon after, the monster pulled her completely under the water.

Witnesses said rescuers tried to save Popov but by the time they got there, the shark had already reached for him.

A woman identified in Russian media reports as Popov’s girlfriend reportedly managed to swim and escape. Footage showed her crying hysterically on the beach as passers-by tried to calm her down.

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Tourists visiting the resort were reportedly denied entry to the water, and those who witnessed the horrific incident were in shock.

“It happened in a second. The rescuers responded very quickly. For some reason, I immediately felt that it was a shark. I immediately jumped up and started shouting: “Sharks, sharks! Save yourself!’ A witness told Russia that “no one understands yet” REN-TV.

“It’s terrible, that guy’s remains are right there. I’m shaking. Right in front of my eyes, that guy was eaten by the shark. I think I need a drink.” Another woman said to Baza Telegram channel.

Killer shark captured and killed, Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda mentioned.

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