Transnistrian leader appears on TV to give details of alleged attack in Transpol / Kiev mocks him, Chisinau denies

Vadim Krasnochelsky, the alleged head of Traspol, appeared on television Thursday night and revealed details of the alleged foiling of the terrorist attack in the Transnistrian region. In response, from Kiev, the adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky, Mihailo Podoliak, warned that Russia would not stop trying to destabilize the situation in the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau newspaper reported.

Vadim KrasnochelskyPhoto: Mihai Karaush / Sputnik / Profimedia

Vadim Krasnochelsky’s address to the public lasted 6 minutes, and the news aired after a “documentary film” purportedly depicting the foiling of the terrorist attack. Krasnochelsky appealed for calm and urged locals not to treat Ukrainian refugees with hatred, although he said some of those planning the attack had posed as refugees.

UN He also announced that the Security Council, the OSCE and the partners in the “5+2” negotiating format would be notified, but Krasnozelsky, in his speech, made no mention of “partners from Russia.” Newsmaker.

Vadim Krasnochelsky said that the attack was planned to kill not only the leaders of the Tiraspol administration, but also ordinary citizens. A car exploded in a residential area near a school.

“It was aimed not only at the removal of high-ranking people, but mass death of people. In addition, the respective persons monitored the persons in charge by video. (…) In Bender, a car containing about 8 kg of the drug hexane was seized. Some people were arrested on suspicion. All of them have connections with the Security Service of Ukraine and are citizens of this country,” Krasnochelsky said.

He said he asked the person responsible for “foreign relations” to prepare a report, which he would send to international organizations: “We will address the members of the UN Security Council, we have the “5+2″ format and other structures. , including the OSCE, to shed light on the situation. We will ask you to ensure our security with”, said the so-called Transnistrian leader.

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Podoliak: Russian campaigners in Transnistria miss ‘golden raspberry’ deadline

Kiev rejected accusations of unauthorized officials at the troslaw and warned of a “Kremlin scenario”.

“Russia will not stop trying to destabilize the situation in the Republic of Moldova,” said Mihailo Podoliak, adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky. Through the campaign, he explained, the aim was to “intimidate people”.

“If Russian propagandists from Transnistria wanted to be nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award, they definitely missed the deadline for submitting nominations. However, no matter how ridiculous the announcements about “reports” revealing “Ukrainian terrorist attacks” are, the conclusion is obvious: Russia will not stop trying to destabilize the situation in Moldova,” Podoliak said on Instagram.

He also wants Ukraine to be viewed negatively. “The main direction is to threaten the local population with threats of hostility and negatively portray Ukraine as a source of danger,” the official said.

The reaction of the Chisinau authorities

Officials in the Republic of Moldova said there was no confirmation of the alleged attack on the left bank of the Dniester.

“We have no confirmation, it is important for the Republic of Moldova to be in a stable situation, the Bureau of Peace, Stability and Reintegration in the Region succeeded in aligning the left bank of the Dniester to peace and stability. There is no risk of escalation of problems in that area. To ensure stability, to ensure peace, to face the challenges that still exist The government is focused. I encourage everyone to work at work, focus on what they have to do,” Prime Minister Dorin Reason was quoted as saying by Radio Moldova on Thursday.

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For its part, the Intelligence and Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) noted that any statement by representatives of the so-called Transnistrian authorities about the SBU’s participation in preparing a terrorist attack should be considered a provocation. The Kremlin.

“Any statement by representatives of the so-called Ministry of Defense of the fake Dniester People’s Republic about the participation of the SBU in the preparation of a terrorist attack should be considered only a provocation planned by the Kremlin. Therefore, the Security Service of Ukraine asks not to take nonsense seriously, which reveals Russia’s clear intention – that it is effectively occupied and controlled. Undermining the situation in the territory, blaming our government”, it said. Press release of the Security Service of Ukraine (

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