Tropical Storm Earl’s strength weakens Danielle over the Atlantic Ocean

The quiet month of August turns into a much busier September as two specific hurricanes travel across the Atlantic.

Daniel orbits harmlessly over the North Atlantic and is a thousand miles from the nearest land.

The cyclone weakened and turned into a tropical storm on Saturday, but its strength is expected to return slightly over the next few days. Maximum sustained winds dropped to nearly 70 mph with higher gusts.

Daniel is expected to regain strength on Sunday and become a Category 1 hurricane as it moves slowly toward the northeast, in the general direction of Europe.

Tropical Storm Daniel forecast track.
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Tropical Storm Earl

Tropical Storm Earl formed Friday evening in the eastern Caribbean after days of fighting with hostile upper-level winds and dry air.

Hurricane winds are around 50 mph, with higher gusts and are also expected to intensify during Labor Day week.

In the current title, the hurricane is expected to continue north of the Caribbean islands, but it could increase and amplify rainfall over the weekend.

Tracking Tropical Storm Earl
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The National Hurricane Center expects Earl to react to a weak ridge and turn further north over the next few days.

Turning to the right will keep the hurricane east-southeast and safely out at sea.

All major computer models agree that the hurricane will remain a concern for sailors but may approach Bermuda late in the workweek.

Tropical Storm Cone Earl forecast
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Tropical Storm Javier circulating in the Pacific Ocean

The eastern Pacific is buzzing with tropical activity again after a several-week break with Tropical Storm Javier.

Javier was about 185 miles off the coast of the Baja California Peninsula on Friday evening with winds still continuing at 45 mph.

Tropical Storm Javier
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Tropical Storm is expected to intensify slightly but remain a tropical storm as it eventually bends to the west and exits into the open Pacific Ocean.

While the storm is not expected to approach land, dangerous life-threatening swells and rip currents are likely along the central and southern Baja California peninsula. The area can see 1-2 inches of rain in isolated amounts of up to 4 inches.

Tropical Storm Javier
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