Turkey, an important movement in the Black Sea. Hartmann: Massive losses related to Romania’s economic security

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Turkey plays a key role in the context of the war in Ukraine in the Black Sea. HDHartman explained how this action affects us.

“Turkey is becoming a key player. Turkey has fought hard and won to liberate the Black Sea from NATO presence. There he plays alone and without an opponent in Turkey,” HDHardman said on the show. Geopolitical strategy From DCNews.

“They have always had a problem. There has been love between the two countries for about 10 years …” he added.

“This economic and military siege imposed on Ukraine by Russia has weakened us, the Polish security forces, by weakening the southeastern areas currently under attack. This is a wonderful move. It is obvious. The Ottoman Imperial School has not disappeared from Turkey.” “But NATO has no resources to pursue natural resilience in the Black Sea, which hinders Turkey’s strategic interests.

“Romania’s economic interests tainted”

Today, Russia has captured Snake Island, blocked all economic bases on our land and maritime continent, and then comes in parallel – surprisingly – bypassing oil and sea transport in Europe’s Navodari region. Because we get oil from there. Here are the basic, massive economic losses related to Romania’s economic security, where his voice is not heard. But we always hear about Poland! Well, brethren, we have access to the Black Sea, not the Baltic. Romania and the Black Sea should not be interested in the Baltic and what is going on there, where Romania’s economic interests are being eroded by this vicious war and all sorts of sanctions that are under way, “said HD Hartmann.

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The full show, in the video below:

“Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey need to find balance with Russia in the Black Sea”

Recently, NATO Undersecretary Mircea Geoana said that Romania, Turkey and Bulgaria need to find a balance with Russia in the Black Sea region.

Mirzia Giona spoke about the trade and food problems caused by the Russian siege of Ukrainian ports. “The situation in the Black Sea is complicated. We see Ukrainian ports being besieged in practice. Although there is no evidence of occupation of Odessa, economically, they have paralyzed Odessa because by blocking exports, it is very important. Difficulties,” he said. Mircea Geoana on antenna 3.

“We also have economic interests in the Black Sea, the exploitation of natural gas in the Black Sea, and the port of Constanta, which is currently the largest port of strategic and commercial importance, and may be NATO to Bulgaria and Turkey. And we are primarily interested in maintaining trade freedom. “, Mircea Geoana argued. , Indicating current problems related to exports and risks related to food reproduction.

Opens Ukrainian ports

“Currently discussions are taking place, perhaps a solution can be reached (to block Ukrainian ports – Ed.), But when talking about NATO territory we are the ones who guarantee navigation and trade freedom. NATO region in the Black Sea, I think it will become even more important because Ukraine somewhere Will have to breathe economically (…), we will help rebuild them, which is why this play may still be a hopeful line on the horizon, and while it will last a little while, even if it lasts a long time, Ukraine’s reconstruction will make this part of Europe and this part of the Black Sea southeast. It will transform this part of Europe as well, which is strategically and economically important, and will address the long-known infrastructure issues not only in Romania but also in the region, creating a boost in the region. This is economic growth, “said Mircea Geoana, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

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