Turkey irritated by Macron’s comments: Difficulties dealing with colonial past, we hope it will mature

Ankara reacted strongly on Saturday, deeming some of the French president’s comments during his visit to Algeria as “unacceptable” and “evil”. Emmanuel Macron linked Turkey with Russia and China, saying the three countries have an “agenda of neo-colonial and imperialist influence” in Africa and are using veritable “networks” to spread anti-French propaganda, AFP reported.

Emmanuel Macron, who visited the former French colony on Friday, called on young Algerians and Africans not to be fooled by the rampant manipulation of networks behind the scenes by foreign powers that portray France as an enemy. In this context, he suggested Turkey, Russia and China, which he said were “the agenda of neo-colonial and imperialist influence”.

Turkish Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Tanju Bilgic responded in a statement on Saturday, accusing Emmanuel Macron’s comments of being “very malicious” and accusing the French leader of being immature.

“It is unacceptable for French President Macron, who is facing difficulties in dealing with the country’s colonial past in Africa, especially in Algeria, to blame other countries, including our country, and try to leave this colonial past,” he said. MFA in Ankara.

“We hope that France will soon reach the maturity necessary to face its colonial past without blaming other countries,” the Turkish diplomat pointed out.

The French president’s three-day visit to Algeria aims to turn the page on the tensions registered in recent months in relations between the two countries. The issue of France’s colonial past (1830-1962) and the bloody liberation war that followed it sparked a bitter dispute between the two countries last fall, which Macron later returned after some statements.

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On the other hand, the visit comes at a time when European countries are trying to find an alternative way to supply hydrocarbons from Russia, especially by increasing supplies from Algeria. Alger prefers that instead. To assert its role as a regional power.

Author: Luana Pavaluka

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