Two paramedics crashed into an airplane in Italy after crashing into a tree from a height of ten meters. Attempted to create record

Two experienced paratroopers, with hundreds of jumps in the back, were killed yesterday morning, at an airport in Italy, in a collision 100 meters above the ground, and the parachute strings were trapped. Both, along with 30 other broadcasters, competed in a record-breaking effort.

Two paramedics crashed into an airplane in Italy after crashing into a tree from a height of ten meters. Attempted to create a record of Facebook / /

The tragedy took place on Saturday morning at the Campovolo Airport in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

According to the publication PressSkydiving instructors Fabrizio del Quidis (54) and Gabriel Grossi (35) were killed in the crash.

Following the investigation, police from Reggio Emilia, co-ordinated by attorney Christina Gianusa, recreated the film of misfortune: the two paramedics allegedly collided in the open air 100 meters above the ground. Then, while landing, the ropes of two parachutes got caught and the men fell to the ground from a height of about 50 meters.

From the investigators’ initial investigation, Crossey, the youngest of the two paramedics, became very close with Fabrizio del Quetz, resulting in a fatal fall.

The first aid team tried to save them, but the attempt was in vain.

Both athletes were pronounced dead.

Both paratroopers tried to create a record

OK LoopAt the time of the accident, the two had created 32 paradigms and were performing a record-breaking dance.

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The competition was organized by the Body Fly University (BFU) Sky Diving School, which explained how the disaster occurred in a message posted on Facebook:

“The BFU, with great sadness, today (yesterday No.), at 10.15am, along with 32 other paratroopers, attempted to set a record at the final landing stage, about 50 meters above the ground,” the two experienced. The instructors collided in the air. The low altitude and the violence of the impact prevented any attempt to resolve the two boats’ turn, and both fell to the ground. “.

Now investigators need to establish what happened and find any responsibility.

“Do what you love and teach the angels to fly now. Relax my brother.”Gladiator Crozi’s brother Claudio wrote on Facebook.

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