Two Russian generals were killed and one-third wounded in the Kerson region of Ukraine

According to Ukrainian media and Novoe Vremia, two Russian generals were killed and a third wounded on Saturday in an attack by Ukrainian forces on a 49th army outpost not far from the front line in the Kherson area.

The announcement was made by the intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (GUR).

“The result of the coup: the command post of the 49th Army was destroyed, two generals of the occupiers were disbanded, and one was seriously wounded and expelled in critical condition,” the GUR statement said, which did not provide details. About the identity of the two commanders killed.

Thus, the Ukrainian side claims that the number of Russian commanders killed since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is ten. Russia has so far confirmed the deaths of two generals, 41st Infantry Deputy Commander Andrei Sukhovsky and 8th Army Deputy Commander Vladimir Frolov.

According to Ukrainian publication Novo Vremia, Russia has lost more than 21,600 troops since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, according to civil servants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Photo source: FADEL SENNA / AFP

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