Ukraine says it is ready to “turn night into day” for Russian invaders

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov thanked the United States for new military aid worth $550 million, saying Ukraine is ready to turn “night into day” for Russian invaders, RBC and Rador report.

HIMARS systemsPhoto: ABACA / Abaca Press / Profimedia

“The new US military aid package – another investment to secure NATO’s eastern flank and support democracy in the European Union. Our gunners are ready to turn night into day to drive Russian invaders from Ukraine! Thanks to the leadership of US President Joe Biden and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and the entire American people!” Reznikov wrote on Twitter.

President Joe Biden He signed a memorandum on Monday A new military aid allocation for Ukraine in the amount of 550 million dollars. The new aid package includes 75,000 155 mm caliber shells and additional ammunition for the HIMARS systems, US media reported.

Ukraine’s acquisition of Western weapons is a cause for concern in Moscow

An analysis published by the Center for European Policy Analysis on Tuesday concluded that “the extension of special military operations in Ukraine is causing concern among Russian military experts, no matter how loyal to the Kremlin.

As the Russian armed forces face a severe shortage of reserves and volunteers, one of their fears is the increasing number of Himars missiles and other Western weapons being acquired by the Ukrainians.

Another major concern is the ability of the Russian defense sector to sustain a protracted war under historical sanctions imposed by the West.

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