Ukraine’s entry into NATO. Hartman: A problem that Russia has effectively thrown into the hands of the West

HD foreign policy analyst Hartmann explained exclusively to DC News how Russia operates in Ukraine and how it throws the issue into the hands of the West.

HD Hartmann, who was invited to a geo-strategic event on DC News, explained how Vladimir Putin is holding the West in check on the “unresolved” issue in Ukraine:

“Germany has gritted its teeth in Kiev that Ukraine’s entry into NATO is not an international policy, but the problem is that the Kremlin responded by saying the same thing in Bucharest. .

Here, the development of this demand, which Russia is requesting in writing, causes great problems. It says this is impossible and will lead to an extension that would allow Moscow to justify its occupation of Ukraine and that Ukraine will not enter NATO without our consent until it is signed by members of the North Atlantic Alliance. We do not consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. “

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“Russia was able to throw the issue into the hands of the West.”

“This will justify the threat of permanent occupation or occupation of Ukraine in the Russian mind. You are, then, looking at this situation (Ukraine’s entry number for NATO), Olaf Scholes tried to say that of course not for the next few years, Russia is not interested for the next few years.Years.

Of course, Russia knows that no one will add to it. NATO cannot presume such a statement and in the name of this real impossibility of NATO, Russia will justify future actions against Ukraine. The instrument was huge and the United States also announced it, the coup in Kiev, by coup. Ukraine’s problem is serious because it is not stabilized, and because NATO is not an EU – type organization, it can only stabilize the borders of allied states such as Poland and Romania militarily, but not economically and politically. And diplomatic views. This is a problem that Russia has effectively thrown into the hands of the West, “HD Hartmann concluded.

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